Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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Keeping Costs Low

In an attempt to keep from raising the fees of our continuing education courses, we are for the first time opening up our website to advertisers. Nobody likes the inconvenience of seeing ads, but as an unfortunate necessity of the times with double-digit inflation, we are forced to seek alternative solutions to raising our prices - something we haven't done in over 15 years. We remain committed to providing the lowest cost/highest quality continuing education we can provide.

Ambulance Companies/EMS Providers

If you, like the rest of us, are in need of qualified EMS personnel (EMRs, EMTs and Paramedics), please consider posting your job openings on the largest online EMS instructor education network in the country with the largest online EMS instructor community in six participating states. Instructors are always thrilled when their students become skilled, successful EMS practitioners. Easy IC network instructors can pass on your specific employment opportunities directly to their students as they prepare them for a career in EMS.

Market Share

Over 99% of all licensed Michigan EMS instructors, and a large percentage of instructors from the other participating states, regularly use Easy IC to fulfill some, if not all of their continuing education requirements. That potentially puts thousands of qualified prospective employees at your fingertips.

Furthermore, the Easy IC online community is rounded-out with recent EMS school graduates preparing themselves for the NREMT cognitive exam. Fully trained soon-to-be licensed EMS personnel will see for themselves, first hand, the employment opportunities your company is offering.

Ad Exposure

The Easy IC website receives an upward trending average of 17,000 views per month by an unheard of 100% target audience. All of whom are the exact people needed to help fill your employment vacancies or in need of your goods and services. Those directly involved in the education of, or soon-to-be licensed members of the next generation of EMS practitioners.

Goods and Services

As EMS instructors, we are very innovative and forward-thinking and always looking for better tools and materials to help teach our students. If you can provide any goods or services that can contribute to that end, we'd love to hear from you. Although budgets are always tight, there is always room for a newer, better, cheaper mouse trap.

Likewise, today's highly educated and tech savvy EMS students are always looking for better, faster ways of doing things and searching for the latest digital device or media service that can they can benefit from. This presents a very unique opportunity for the innovative entrepreneur to get his or her products or services in front of this very targeted audience.

In Conclusion

Easy IC can be a valuable, cost-efficient tool in combating personnel shortages as well as the high rate of turnover common in the emergency medical services. In addition, innovative instructors are always open to new ideas, new tools, new methods and new materials to teach the art and science of EMS.

If you are interested in advertising within the Easy IC EMS Education Network, We'd love to hear from you. For a more in-depth analysis or for more information, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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